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Every dumbass map they showed you in school that shows how great the USA is compared to the rest of the world is a lie and actually the opposite of true.

The Matt Taibbi episode on chapo trap house was pretty bad but they did make one really salient point about the way liberals frame everything as hyper individualized and reject the idea of any universal human experience, which i think is illustrated by this tweet.

God forbid there's just 1 term for "thinking and behaving differently based on who is in our company." you need a specific word for exactly how you do it because no one else could possibly understand the exact way in which you personally experience it and that's what matters.

The terminal stage of this line of thinking is every single person speaking their own language which is about as dystopian as it gets.

Wow web services in Rust really are in dire straits I guess

this is the ideal male body. you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

"China's obviously lying about covid numbers"

the us government: actively enforces measures to hide and/or falsify covid numbers


they need to legalize drugs just so people have something to fuckin do during covid


A sobering reminder that while Paul Manafort serves his prison sentence from home and Roger Stone has his sentence commuted, Reality Winner, who revealed to reporters a 2016 attempt by foreign state actors to subvert voter software, remains in a federal prison overrun by Covid19.


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