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In case anyone is still interested in my adventures in reading shitty Chinese sci-fi. I went on some forums and to see if any of the myriad of contradictions, plot holes, and bad research I saw in the 3 body problem had explanations I missed (I do zone out when reading sometimes, particularly if it's a bad book). What I learned is that I'm actually more intelligent than everyone who likes this trash

still can't get over how retarded cyberpunk 2077 using combustion engine vehicles is lol

Ive been sick with a cold so I finally got around reading three body problem and oh boy was that a good reminder why you should ignore best seller lists. This is the most embarrassing thing I've read since the da vinci code

im starting to think cyberpunk 2077 might be bad guys

This is allegedly from the facebook of the chud who got shot in Denver lmao

twitch figured out how to bypass adblock but it's streaming ads with a maximum resolution of 430p lmao

turns out the reason the grand jury didnt indict breona taylor's murderers on murder charges is the DA didn't give them the option

Which presidential candidate will soil themselves during next week's debate?

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