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Fun fact: it's 2020 and every major Linux distro still doesn't mount any non-system partition at login. You have to manually add it to fstab, which requires root access. If you don't all your files on other drives will disappear every reboot until you go click on them in the file manager. Genius usability.

Someone else noticed that Biden’s COVID task force includes a guy trying to “nudge” older Americans to die early.

oh boy something mysteriously invalidated macOS's entire kext cache which in catalina means every 3rd party app takes 5 minutes to launch for like 3 hours

75% of the US population is white (more if you count white hispanics, which you should) so they're not trying to give equal representation, they're specifically going out of their way to avoid casting white people in order to appear woke to their (mostly white) audience.

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Super excited that America finally got rid of Bad Rapist and voted in Good Rapist!!!

Noeliberals really, really want to be able to pay software engineers 35k a year instead of 100

great to see the next president go up on stage and talk about how fascists aren't the enemy and that a vigorous debate about whether or not facism is good is healthy

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