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Not a single person who works at health insurance companies deserves to live

was out on a bike ride and some lunatic drove up and told me to "take off your ridiculous mask it's completely safe" which a) death cult shit b) mind your own business and c) NOT EVEN A MASK IM WEARING A NECK GAITER CAUSE GUESS WHAT ITS FUCKING WINTER AND I HAVE COLD WIND BLOWING IN MY FACE

wow, i had no idea ben shapiro was so radical, he wants to abolish gender altogether

once rust and docker are stable on apple silicon I think I can safely replace my hackintosh with the mac mini. Shouldn't be too long since both have preview builds for apple silicon

Primer continues to be the only good serious time travel movie

I wish I could invert myself like in tenet so i could go back in time and stop myself from watching tenet

wow people really werent kidding when they said the sound mixing in this movie is awful

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