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i slept like 5 hours and am having a brainfart do you put shell completions in profile or rc?

wonder if robinhood fucking people over will drive some to crypttocurrency

if i make any money from gamestop what cryptocurrencies should i invest in

Who are some good accounts to follow? Been too long since I really expanded my circle on here

people saying "nuh uh" ummm theres a reason i said "if you'r rich"

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looking at twitters for weird shitty "indie game devs" and "zine" makers etc and thinking that it might actually be cool to have the self esteem/lack of awareness to just suck shit at something and still keep doing it for years while putting it all out there for the public to see. on the other hand its cool having a real job doing something im actually good at

if you're rich you can just pay people to be your friend.

lol apparently Andrew Yang is in trouble with New Yorks Ultra-Orthodox (Pedophile) community for being opposed to genital mutilation and old men sucking baby dicks.

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