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indian cops are threatening to arrest people over tweets, no wonder we have this big influx of indian accounts

Fedora still seems like the only feature-complete/competent linux desktop distro unfortunately the performance still sucks

Company I work for is adopting Salesforce for licensing and I'm struggling not to say anything. Hugely unethical company. Fuck Salesforce.

its 2019 and Desktop Linux still can't do basic shit like "remember what audio device you had selected between sessions"

its too bad states that have (correctly) chosen to ignore the federal governments insane prohibition on marijuana wont also do the same for the equally insane National Firearms Act.

outer worlds is ok. there are things i like about it but it has really bad consolitis and it suffers from the same problem as new vegas where every single game system is constantly at odds with the story and world the game is trying to construct so it's impossible to ever really feel immersed in the world.

Ok google, please only supply rats driving tiny cars content in the future. No other content needed. Thank you.

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