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Looking forward to Biden using MAGA chuds refusing to accept the election results as justification to do something similar in the US in a couple years

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Kinda funny france voted for macron as an alternative to trump-style far-right populism and this is worse than anything Trump did in America

whats with some trans people and coating their belongings in aggressively bad stickers that are all exclusively about being gay and/or trans?

What's the status of mastodon->pleroma migration scripts? Think it's probably time to finally ditch masto

one thing i appreciate about the fediverse is there are still people on it who don't block you the first time you ever get into an argument

When you're a normal human being with a normal human brain and normal human blood

I wonder how people mad about macOS privacy issues feel about the fact Firefox also uses OCSP by default

new design on epic sire is alright but i think increasing the border radius on everything looks kinda bad

Fun fact 5: Linux distros still haven't figured out a way to close applications when they're updated, causing weird, unexpected errors when a currently running program is upgraded. Fedora has recently come up with a "work around" for this problem by simply forcing you to reboot your computer twice every time any program is updated!

Fun fact 4: in 2020 KDE's window manager ignores your monitor's refresh rate. If you have a monitor that runs at a different rate than 60hz you have to manually create a config file to manually set the refresh rate. Good luck if you're using a laptop on an external monitor.

Fun fact 3: in 2020 Logging out of GNOME/KDE/XFCE and others doesn't gracefully shutdown Firefox. It just crashes it so that any time you log out or reboot, the next time you start firefox you will get a warning that your browser crashed and it will attempt to recover the previous session.

Recently, after many, many years, Firefox finally addressed this, not by fixing the problem, but by making the Linux version of Firefox not show a warning message after a crash (it still crashes though). This has the effect of making it impossible to configure Firefox not to remember your tabs. The option is there, but it doesn't work unless you close Firefox before logging out every time. Genius.

Fun fact 2: It's 2020 and GNOME's VPN GUI can't remember your login username. Ironically, it will remember your password, but not your username. This is the only software I can think of that saves your password but requires you to enter your username every time you connect.

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