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We're going to start putting our consumed larger sake bottles on this shelf.

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Not sure how to even begin when it comes to micro-blogging things that refer to me on a personal scale.

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be clear on this: the agenda of Pleroma is set by those who contribute to it.

the purpose of the Pleroma project itself is to provide guidance, mediation and infrastructure for those who contribute to the Pleroma community, regardless of whether they are paid to do so or not.

if you truly believe that the project is a smokescreen to cover up fascism, then do what’s right: take the code and fork it. build your own fediverse server from the code without us.

but this hasn’t happened yet — because we’ve continued to play straight with the community, even as the project has grown. we have done, and continue to do, what we’ve said we’re going to do.

the project is bigger than lain, it’s bigger than me, it’s bigger all of us together. and this is how it must be.

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