uspol, chaz shooting 

absolutely surreal to see the garbage mainline reporting on it. ex:

> Officers said in a police blog that at about 3am on Monday, a white Jeep Cherokee SUV was reported near a Chop concrete barrier that surrounds the protest area. Several unidentified people then fired shots into the vehicle.

never mentioned that the folks driving the SUV opened fire first with automatic weaponry, in two drive-bys. activists are never quoted, only the police account is used.

this kind of bogus media serves as cover for the upcoming clearing of the CHAZ and the reclamation of the police precinct. it’s so bland and naked. absolutely headfucked.


uspol, chaz shooting 

@garbados they fucked around and found out

re: uspol, chaz shooting 

@aph0t1c the finding out will continue until the fucking around improves

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