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Mm yeah okay thinking i'm gonna migrate actually can someone remind me how to do that

get out of my house tony the tiger i don't Want your DRONE i want you to stop selling me soggy flakes FUck Off take your god damn box tops and get out of here GET OUT

I only send solicited dick pics. I’m a licensed dick solicitor, in fact. Luigi, Dsq., at your service.

Is this cartoon episode from actual 2019 literally about a bunch of kids deliberately bullying a girl for voicing her discomfort with things.

And being played for laughs.

Because jesus christ.

slips a picture of winnie the pooh quietly onto xi jinping's website guestbook and inadvertently shuts down the chinese government

Knowing what getting kissed is like makes you really want kisses when you can't get them.

I have Cartoon Network on in the BG while my friend's napping just to have some noise in the room and wow uh. Super stereotypical fat joke characters are still super common in kid's programming huh.

my child who won't exist: what were you like when you were young
me: son, you have to move on. i haven't been alive for 5 years.
my child who won't exist, suddenly realizing he sits alone: (whimpers)

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