Rayne Lindwurm (and Celestia Lindwurm), Sash Lilac, Karin, Myr, Solo Vivace, Grea, Iris, Excella Noa Aura, Melusine

like, i tooted the toot before that, THEN i read someone on discord talking about when fruits are in season

i swear

we sell fresh fruits and vegetables, such as Pretty Cure

You want your bodyguards to be varanids, not crocodilians.
See, while crocodilians look more fierce, they tend to be slower on land, so you have to spend more prep work on buffing their mobility. On top of that, varanids are more intelligent, so they can coordinate with you on strategy more easily, when you want to flank an opponent. They're also nearly as tanky as crocodilians anyway. You want your crocodilians to serve as ambush guards, not mobile guard units.

why is "siam weed" native not to thailand but to florida

so i walk on into the room, and i am flanked on my two sides by my two loyal varanid retainers.

they are also my bodyguards.

and they are armed.

with magical boomsticks.

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