they're not wrong

they're not right either

they're just annoying

can't ever prove ideology wankers wrong either, because they simply have defined right and wrong to be consistent with their ideology

ideology wankers just waste your time arguing with them

they think they're doing the world a service pushing back against you, and you think you're doing the world a service pushing back against them

people who insist on an ideology as the only true/good policy ideas are fucks

please join me, in telling ideological fucks to fuck off

i have a weeb card; i can flash it in front of you until you go away

regarding the scientific accuracy of Bee Movie

i wrote this last night, sticking random words onto some tune

i forgot what tune it is now

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fine figs, putting on the fig on sen
fine figs, putting on the fig

had a 5am, 10am, 2pm, 4pm

runnin' 'til, runnin' 'til the last CPU,
and our page is gonna
fall apart, fall-a fall-a
fall apart, like the morning dew


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i am in love with saki for some reason

i guess i just like quiet girls

the flight suit probably helps too

pfft, there were just like ten people on the sidewalk

a polyamorous multidimensional relationship that is monogamous within each dimension

go away, i'm gonna keep playing my shitty flash games FOREVER

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