"Billionaire Donald Trump asks the UK government to bail out his golf courses in Scotland"

You couldn't even make this shit up if you tried really hard.

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I hate saying this but we have come to this now. The bulk of people in front of the police headquarters are NOT muslims. Modi can come and see their clothes. We may have Hindu or Sikh sounding names, but we gather here as Indians, speaking for fellow Indians who have Muslim names

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The cost of protesting something serious in India is your life.

Here is one question that no one is asking about the Hyderabad Encounter killing....

Why were the police armed with guns to recce the site of a rape and murder crime?

When have you ever seen or heard of that happen?

No good thing comes out of extrajudicial killings.

It took 7 and a half years to happen but the truth is finally out. 17 adivasi villagers who were killed by the Hindu Police were not Maoists and were killed just to shore up killing targets.

If you read this and don't feel like spitting on the flag, I pity you!


Indian politicians are normalizing lynching in the pretext of punishing rapists. This ramifications of this horrendous.

"You're good. But you're not as good as you think you are"
These are the lines that I should tell myself if I feel I am master of something

Nimmi is on the right track and pace to reach $5 trillion economy 🤓

Hey #tootistan
I haven't logged in to twitter after November 6th and it's been amazing 23 days here. The kind of ideas, content, sensitivity, commitment, zeal and interaction I have had here is incredible.

This gives me hope. Let's not make Mastodon another facebook or twitter. Let's embrace #fediverse as the need of the future.

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CORE PDS was being gradually scaled up until Aadhaar came along and disrupted the process, even though smart cards are more reliable than fingerprint authentication.

Reetika Khera's this article is a must read.


Telegraph says let's be clear for once and for all..

This is not Chanakya 😜

Whether the new Maharashtra Government will reopen Judge Loya murder case?

Whether they try to ensure justice to the Bhima Koregaon victims?

Then...then only there will be hope!

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Opposition can win almost all the states if they stay united, but the real worry is amount of black money Gujju gang has accumulated from Corruption, Demonetisation, donations & electoral bonds. They can destabilise the country for decades even if they don't win any elections.

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From the man who called pre-censorship of internet to "preserve the fabric of the society"
How tables have turned!

@KapilSibal@twitter.com My own images have been morphed. I have been show with beef in my hand. But, this doesn’t mean that we should ban the internet. Nuclear technology gave us Hiroshima, but it also brought electricity. This is how the new age works: @KapilSibal@twitter.com


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"Under the present government’s watchful eyes, even when one manages to meet old contacts, their behaviour seems bizarre. In their own office space, they glance at the walls as if they have ears. In coffee shops, they scan their surroundings to see if any spooks are around. On the phone, they prefer encrypted messaging systems." caravanmagazine.in/media/india

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