Dear all who are critising those who got their education subsidised by the Govt. Please state your family income, ancestral property value, and any other relevant details so that we may know how much weight we need to give your opinion.

How many of you are looking to migrate out of India? Say to Canada, Australia etc. Can you please comment as to the reasons why? I need this for a study. Genuine reasons only, please. If you are bored of the place, just say that. Also, if you want to migrate out for a period and plan to return please mention that as well. Mention your country of choice and reasons as well. Thank you. Boost this so I get a decent sample size. By encouraging monopoly by its cronies, the Modi government is killing businesses in India. Have a look at what the #Vodafone CEO, Nick Read, said.

Denmark pays students $1,000 a month to go to universities. No tuition fees.. and in India the government gets the police to thrash them..

Let's get something clear...

The exodus from Twitter is not because of Trolls. Those were easily handled. The problem was that Twitter was being paid by the Govt to turn a blind eye to the radicalisation of the Majority community.

The exodus is not in fear but in disgust.

@Dasbolshevik Exactly! Trolls aren't the reason we came here. To begin with, I suspected twitter was lenient to RW handles bcuz commodifying hate is profitable, when they suspended innocous handles like that of Sanjay, Dalit & Adivasi leaders, I thought it was badly configured AI, when they refused to reinistate I thought it was a ill-informed or RW biased Indian techie team. But when I heard the MD was a ex-Network 18 man I felt twitter India had been compromised at the highest level.

In complete solidarity with my alma mater. The JNU students by fighting against fee hike are fighting not just for themselves, but for the future of millions of under-privileged citizens of this country who aspire for education, equality & dignity.

#StandWithJNU #jnuprotest

When you rewatch movies after a long time, you watch it with a slightly altered mindset and understand it differently. It brings about a feeling that I cannot describe.

Muted a few people from twitter. Never thought that in the federated social media that I'd see people from twitter whom I have to mute. Irritating in a way, but also happy that the federated social media has grown.

Dear people from twitter, remove those blue ticks, please. Thank you.

Another legendary man died yesterday: bureaucrat PS Krishnan, known for doggedly working for SC/STs and the underprivileged from within the system. Also, this is a wonderfully observed obituary.

"After listening to him speak at a meeting, a top bureaucrat told others in the room that Krishnan was very intelligent despite being a Dalit. When some officers pointed out that Krishnan wasn’t a Dalit, the same bureaucrat said this explained his intelligence."

#india #caste

Request : Tooters who have a blue tick after their name in Masodon, please remove. It is a status symbol, a relic of the BirdSite. We really have no place for a caste or class heirachy here. Of course, it is upto you.

I made the heavens, the earth, the universe and everything in it in six days. Six. Fuckin. Days. I was working on a tight schedule. Might have forgotten to install a couple of things. Like Justice.

Go easy on me.

@noorul @aab1dh Users can silence whole instances themselves, too. To do that, open a profile of one of the members of that instance and open the menu there. On the bottom of that menu is an option labeled "Hide everything from [instance]".
Selecting that option means you won't see any content from that instance, and nobody from there will be able to follow you. So it's an instance-wide block.
This feature's very useful for getting rid of the vast majority of bots, BTW.

The downsides on a platform like this is that it's 'open' so every other server/website/app with the same protocols can make a 'connection'.

A while ago (nazi network) joined the fediverse and used the mastodon source for there new platform since the old one got banned by Apple and Google in the App stores. Nowadays many servers including this on are blocking but if the admin doesn't do that you WILL see a LOT of hate, garbage and racism on the TL

@Ruminess @dearthofsid

So three findings emerge:

1. That the 1949 installation of idols was illegal
2. That the 1992 demolition was illegal.
3. No evidence that Babri masjid was build by *demolishing* a temple.

Who is the wronged and who is the wrongdoer again?

Now that I'm legally a human, I want to file an affidavit declaring myself an atheist.

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