Trying out planting plants in LECA (light expanded clay). First with a smol Schlumbergera gaertneri also known as Christmas cactus

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But you know, 3dfx saying "We're returning" with zero additional info doesn't really mean much.

It could just be corporate brand abuse, like the sad state of Atari currently.

And there's no mention of them making /original/ GPUs. They have only mentioned "new graphics cards". They could just be another aftermarket card manufacturer for all we know.
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"content warnings" or as i like to call them, mime types
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Just replaced SATA power & data connector on this 2.5 inch HDD I had to retire from my NAS due to it breaking. Fuck having to replace devices cause a replaceable part of it broke πŸ‘ It probably won't return to my NAS but I will still get some good use out of it as a portable HDD, since other than the connector breaking it is in perfect state according to SMART.

I have nearly no experience with soldering stuff this small so it is quite a mess (promise it looks better IRL than on attached photo, I took it before clearing the flux off). I also ripped pads out of two pins on that 4 pin connector trying to desolder and pry the entire thing off the pcb before realising that since it's broken anyway I can just cut it into pieces and then desolder just the pins separately.

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protip: this will disable that horrible ebpf misfeature (unless run as root) so crackers can’t trivially own your box

(non-nixos equivalent is sudo sysctl kernel.unprivileged_ebpf_disabled=1; most distros have a config file you can put sysctl stanzas in to be applied at boot)

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Hey YOU!!! Yes, you random webside.
You do not deserve that kind of password requirements.

If you are a forum, online game, mod manager ffs, microsoft etc... YOU DO NOT DESERVE MY GOOD PASSWORD. You get the common no capitalization, no numbers, no special characters and in dictionary password exactly as you deserve.

And guess what... What happens if they hack my nexus account? Are the hackers going to download mods from my mod list? Are they going to read MY public posts?

I fucking don't care... :blobhammer:
Get on your own fucking level. If your site is worthless, use an adequate password requirements for fucks sake.

This rant was brought by github, where I created account to upload 1 file and learn workflow for my job.

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KDE Plasma powers the desktop of the Valve #SteamDeck.

Congrats Valve for releasing #SteamDeck! Thank you for choosing Plasma!

TL;DR Install linux-tkg-pds[1] if you have issues with audio stuttering when using Pipewire and Wine. Other schedulers might work also.

I had this weird issue on Linux with Pipewire and software (mostly games) running through Wine, where when said software would produce any sounds it would sometimes, for some reason, introduce some sound lag to entire system which would persist until Pipewire was restarted and increase periodically until said Wine software was stopped. Obviously that's not quite ideal and made playing games or watching videos basically impossible. I stumbled upon someone fixing some other Pipewire issue by using a kernel built with PDS scheduler so decided to give that a try and it seems to have fixed my issues with Pipewire entirely. Now there's no lag/delay whatsoever and with that all my issues with Pipewire are fixed (besides Pulseeffects -> Easyeffects rebrand breaking all my configs but yeah).

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When it comes to traveling by train alone, open coaches beat corridor coaches by a huge margin, despite generally being more noisy inside and having less leg space, simply because you can just get up and go take a piss without being afraid of your shit being stolen, cause all the other people riding in your coach watch your things and you watch theirs. This is the ultimate proof that we do indeed live in a society (n.b. this might not apply outside Poland).

Just finished converting my IRC bouncer setup from using ZNC to pounce [1] & related [2] tools [3]. Decided to stop using ZNC in the first place after finally getting fed up with multi client experience it offers, pounce offers much, much better solution OOTB, with each connected client having separate place in the back log. Setup was not as straightforward as with ZNC, but its simplicity and flexibility it offers (I quite like logger being a separate service) will make it worth the effort (effort meaning having to build pounce from source manually on my Ubuntu VPS, AUR spoiled me). Now I'm not sure how stable it will work in the long run but since it's such a simple setup there's not that much that can break so yeah.

[1] –
[2] –
[3] –

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Taking pride in something you had no hand in, like where you were born is pathetic.

What happened to Near is absolutely gut wrenching, especially considering how many of freeze peach retards there are in retro games & related communities. Despite things like this happening those spineless cowards will still argue against deplatforming of various reactionary garbage.

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I am a hero.🐟
I came to overthrow your sorrow.β‚β‚πŸŸβΎβΎ
My name is drunk. ​:ablobspin:​


holy shit Max actually did it, that was exhausting to watch

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