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I'll never get over how the overwhelming majority of EN mastodon completely blacklisted all of japanese mastodon out of sheer racist hysteria.

executive: hey dudes i just figured out a way to lay off 6000 of my employees and instead I'm putting all those gains into my own pay check

executive, on twitter: WHY are people becoming communists don't people believe in the free market??? :surprised_pikachu:

Furries would be cool if they were actually invested in post-humanism or advancing the transhumanist cause but instead they're typically just really vocal fetishists

Anime-communism is the tendency for the new century

I have an immense hatred for conformists, honestly, and unfortunately it seems to be vogue these days

Madotsuki with a knife is the most powerful image mankind has ever created

Telegram suffers in that your identity is tied to your phone number, though. IRC doesn't have anime stickers.

LINE is the only usable chat program outside of telegram and IRC.

Oh and here's the most important rule

My main roadblock to making my own internet outer heaven is figuring out how to blanket ban all mobile users from posting on or even viewing the website

If I ever made a website here would be the rules:
No actual nazis
no woke sjw centrists
no frogposters
anime/manga/anime games discussion only

Like back in 2010 or earlier I could honestly tell apart two users of any same community (twitter, 4chan, etc.)

Now I can't tell anyone apart. Every member of a community talks the same way, it's so fucking annoying.

Remember when people online used to have unique, likable personality traits or typing styles? Now it's almost all variations of:

1. twitch chat goblin
2. woke tumblr/twitter user
3. facebook user
4. channer
5. redditor
6. gen Z user

And they're all insufferable. What the fuck?

The worst thing is that it permeates every fucking millimeter of the internet now too. You can't escape from it. All the insightful, interesting people that used to populate the internet have been chased out or silenced by hundreds of millions of insufferable normies

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