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I'll never get over how the overwhelming majority of EN mastodon completely blacklisted all of japanese mastodon out of sheer racist hysteria.

Blizzard made an official statement regarding the whole Honk Kong drama. I haven't read it yet but apparently this is a pretty good summary of it

Me and the boys hanging out with our друг (friend), just having a beer and a good time

друг is actually a really good meme because the word means "friend" and that actually makes memes like these wholesome as hell

Is the new joker actually any good or are people just watching it for the memes

seeing american tankies supporting China is the funniest shit, imagine how little yuan they must be getting paid to do so

Kind of crazy that Madoka is anime of the decade and nothing was able to top it for the seven years of anime after it.


People who want to throw people in jail for bad drawings are fascists.

RMS is an idiot but I really wonder where the FSF will go from here. His anti-corporatism stance was useful and if they replace him with a corporate shill then the foundation is as good as dead

Millions of people have their lives destroyed by tobacco, with countless scientific evidence proving that it's fucking horrible: i sleep

a few people die and a single study showing that vaping might be unhealthy: real shit

All mentally ill means to people these days is a broad generalization that just means "person who has some behavior that is unusual to the rest of society"

This covers people who are actually delusional as well as political dissenters or enemies. It's all relative to the baseline, but the baseline isn't always necessarily sane in the first place.

Mental illness, while a real phenomena, is almost always used as a political label by the state in order to suppress the people. (gun control, etc.)

This is just the next logical step.

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