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I'll never get over how the overwhelming majority of EN mastodon completely blacklisted all of japanese mastodon out of sheer racist hysteria.

I've fallen into a bad habit of not eating enough and it's causing me to be depressed and have no energy, doing nothing all day.

I need to just force myself to eat.

Wearing masks may actually reduce the viral load and severity of COVID, lol. All those anti-mask people are going to have a greater risk at dying from their own stupidity. I'm going to laugh my fucking ass off :bloblul:

The most chaotic outcome for 2020 is actually going to have Biden or Kayne winning the election, trump not accepting the re-election results, and the democrats just going along with it in a vain attempt to compromise

γ‚’γ‚€γ‚«γƒ„γ―γˆγ£γ‘γ θ¦šγˆγŸ

The trope where someone slashes someone in half with a katana in one move and then re sheaths it will never stop being cool. It will be cool forever.

Honestly feels like that America is going to rush out a covid-19 vaccine before properly testing it

It's crazy how the pandemic gave us the best intelligence test ever designed for people

If chaos wills it, we can in fact, unironically have President Kayne in 2020 and I wonder how many people actually realize this

"all men are garbage"

actually, yoko taro is pretty great. one might call him 'one of the greatest humans to ever walk this earth'

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