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I'll never get over how the overwhelming majority of EN mastodon completely blacklisted all of japanese mastodon out of sheer racist hysteria.

Imagine American Psycho except with Patrick Bateman played by a body double of Mark Zuckerberg

It's weird to see a lot of the 'body positivity' people making fun of the dude for being short, it kind of shows how hypocritical they are lol

Haven't seen the bagel guy video so I don't know how that went down, but if it's just some dude angry about being short people being mistreated then he's not wrong. It's something you don't really have control over

localizers always talking about telling the story their way and changing things to suit how they see it but nobody wants that. you're supposed to get the original intent across, not change it

All modern software is built upon what is essentially decades of crappy code and everything runs like shit because of that. I wonder if that'll ever change

I think a drug analogy works here. Outrage is necessary at times (we evolved the ability for a reason), but an overabundance of it is very damaging. It's like people abusing opioids. Being constantly outraged burns out your senses and makes you stupid.

I think outrage culture is more akin to a drug addiction than anything else. Most modern internet communities have become hopelessly addicted to outrage, and I think this will be disastrous for the human race as this addiction grows in intensity and reach. It's become so widespread and it's already infected real life governments and societies

When far right extremists talk about wanting to exterminate anyone they deem a communist, they're generally serious. Anyone who considers themselves a centrist or leftist should be pro-gun ownership. Any other stance is just naive.

>fat neo-nazi axes another fat neo-nazi while they're LARPing with crudely made LARP weapons

You can't make this shit up

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