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Don't forget the read the hit new light novel Sexiled: My sexiest party leader kicked me out so I teamed up with a mythical sorceress

no ads no algorithms only posters - the creed of anarchoposterism

how i incorporate slang into my speech:
1. choose a word or phrase that's ridiculously outdated, such as tight, dope,the bomb, etc., and say it once for comedic effect
2. that's the only word i say now till i repeat step one

Like,,,a solid 60-70% of the time I see a post about "vibes" I initially think it's about adult toys

God the comments saying Indivisible is too short at 30 fucking long do games have to be. At this point the only games that I'll put more than 30 hours into are ones by Yoko Taro, Dragon Quests, and multiplayer shit. Everything else is just overstaying its welcome.

Game devs. I promise you. The gamers are wrong. Your gameplay loop is not fun enough to hold up for 50+ hours.

twitter is just 90% arguments over whether drawings should be illegal now

I'll vote yang if he promises to legalise polygamy, straightup

I have too many gfs I wanna marry more than one of them it's bullshit

Some comrades are saying that advocating responsible lifestyle choices is merely a distraction in the face of the climate crisis. That walking more or going vegan isn't a complete solution on its own and therefore only serves capital.

This is a mistake. Suppose we nationalize meat production. If the masses still demand meat, we will lose more time fixing that. There was meat production in USSR and there is growing demand in Venezuela. We have to start the meticulous work of educating _now_.

From RT's synopsis:

"Almost four decades after he drew first blood, Sylvester Stallone is back as one of the greatest action heroes of all time, John Rambo. "


we went from joking about vape bans to getting years in jail for having juuls in like 2 weeks really dope ass police state lol

i guess it's more like hot potato because if it's your assignment when it's due you take the flack for it failing

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