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jail is like the scariest thing that could conceivably happen to me

every country on earth except like sweden is just jam packed with nightmare dungeons the state can send you on a whim. anyone ever think about this

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you can't just go back and change it! you will regret this

apparently the devs of River City girls did a George Lucas and changed the ending

ive been getting into minecraft but i should become a skyrim person instead for all the hentai mods

the idea that white people are collectively evil is pretty convenient when you're trying to defend racist institutions

Twitter busily working on protecting blue checks from this

as far as I'm aware, working more hours doesn't even speed up production, they just want to tell their investors they're torturing their employees

this minecraft guy talks with the same cadence as jeff goldblum

s-town is a really good podcast, i like non-fiction narratives more than guys hanging out

also the 'butter' in packaged microwave popcorn gives you a condition called Popcorn Lung,

microwave popcorn was definitely the biggest scam of my youth. you can just buy the kernels for practically nothing and it's trivial to make. they even got a reusable microwave popper now

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someone let nintendo know nobody plays fire emblem for the main characters

if you can't use Twitter to talk back at and ridicule the powers that be it's just a chat platform where you are constantly interrupted by ads

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