i guess it's more like hot potato because if it's your assignment when it's due you take the flack for it failing

a cool strategy my employer uses when dealing with a tricky time sensitive issue is to assign it to one person one day and then assign it to another person the next day and just continue to round robin it hoping someone will magically make it all better while every developer is increasingly confused

@Deiru i wanna go there although it was on fire this summer

@CocoCoconuts ill buy a fossil fuel utilizing scooter for $3000 instead

Don't know why they say "astral chain is missing everything that made nier automata transcendental", is has both anime butts and anime thighs.

@Akio i need money in order to live and i have to fix this dumb email thing but i think i finished it.

im still working at 1am because everyone is insane. everyone on earth

Just a reminder the shield hero RPG game is in english as well and it's free go here to get it shieldhero-anime.jp/en/special

@Deiru definitely burned myself on microwave white castle burgs as a child

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