@CocoCoconuts in my opinion this essay, and the author, are bad

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Death stranding is kinda like if Euro Truck Simulator didn't have as many trucks and had 1000x more ghosts chasing you.

when will a US presidential candidate take a stance on siscon rights

@dawnfire oh i ain't seen that. i love gabriel dropout though

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@dawnfire i didn't know you wanted some, i'll make more

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Heard a guy call himself a “mountain snob” while explaining why he’s too good to ski at this mountain. This was in response to his kid asking why he wasn’t skiing with him. Dad of the Year is over, folks. This guy wins

i think my gf is using teamviewer to install minecraft on her moms computer right now

this image is of a REAL naked woman wathc out 

@pea last night had to tell myself "you can do things tomorrow" and it was like an epiphany because im dumb as hell.

@animeirl look here pal, i'm getting really tired of people not understanding chaotic evil. none of these guys are chaotic evil! they range from lawful to neutral.

@pea if i dont tell myself this but about everything i just won't sleep

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good things nobody tells you about turning thirty 

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This PC culture has gotten so out of hand you can't even wear a military jacket you bought for five dollars at Goodwill to get discounts at waffle House anymore

this is fuckin nutbars not only because if you just vote in your own best interest you accomplish the same thing without the white man's burden, but if you simply IMAGINE what is in a vulnerable person's best interest you end up in the Kamala camp or something. even if you choose the 'right' candidate it's still patronizing. you are not giving up anything by voting for people who will help the oppressed!

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