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the people mad about the cyberpunk dick are wrong and also stupid, although i imagine that part at least is on purpose

The cute link's awakening toy style and tilt shifting is SO CUTE

Breath of the wild was already too much breath of the wild

i just saw john wick 3 and it's the best one by far and resolves most of my complaints

anyone else kinda impressed by how shitty the Cyberpunk 2077 boxart is?

there's a billion video games, no one should waste their time on ones with predatory marketing departments dreaming up ways to manipulate you

also i really liked housing but they deleted my house without notice but don't worry i can buy back all the limited time stuff i had in it for $50

MMOs are basically ruined by cash shops, the new ffxiv expansion trailer actually had me checking out the versions i could buy on ps4 until i remembered its insulting cash shop. in an rpg where there's a mountain of cool stuff to collect, that charges a monthly fee, it's just plain insulting that some stuff you can't obtain unless you pay $30 for it

john wick is better than something like the avengers because the actions scenes are 1) good and 2) end. it is worse than something like mad max fury road, die hard, etc because you aren't really invested in any of the characters and they all make very dumb decisions (including john wick). the only character in the movies who is well rounded and does smart things instead of stupid things is the body shop guy

i was thinking about all the reasons i find john wick mediocre and realized that kill bill did this exact archetype a thousand times better

my problems with john wick can best be summed up by them lacking anything close to this scene

Idea for the next E3: We arm literally everybody in the conference with several tomatoes

working for them briefly and having to be around all their xbox crap probably didn't help

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