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  • Don't post anything against US criminal law.
  • Do not advocate white nationalism. Don't wanna get blacklisted for the sake of some dipshit racist, besides it's played out and every dumbass argument has already been had.
  • You can follow whoever you like, please avoid boosting/reposting anything violating the above rules on the public timeline.
  • Anime Rocks.
  • Do not call them toots.

Instance Blocks


Instances that engage in illegal activities or system abuse (such as DDoS, spam, etc).

  • None


These nodes have communities that are disruptive, abusive or otherwise unwanted behavior. This does not include "free speech zones" but specifically monocultures where node administrators or the community as a whole engages in harmful behavior. You are free to engage with these communities though it is requested that you consider not reblogging on public timelines.

  • awoo.space - does not federate
  • mastodon.starrevolution.org - Administrator is a serial rapist