• Tag NSFW content.
  • 3D (featuring real humans) pornography is not allowed.
  • Do not advocate white nationalism, race realism, or fascism.
  • Don't post or boost anything against US criminal law.
  • Do not call posts "toots".

Instance Blocks


Instances that engage in illegal activities or system abuse (such as DDoS, spam, etc).

  • - does not federate
  • - Administrator is an alleged serial rapist
  • - Does not federate


These nodes have communities that are disruptive, abusive or otherwise unwanted behavior. This does not include "free speech zones" but specifically monocultures where node administrators or the community as a whole engages in harmful behavior. You are free to engage with these communities though it is requested that you consider not reblogging on public timelines.

  • - untagged NSFW

Homunyan is one server in the network