block recommendation, CSA mention, weird homomisia, creepy shit 

speaking of detectives i'm gonna put on my detective hat

in the screenshot hyde had, you can see that the first post in the thread is favourited. here's a list of the people who had favourited the status at the time.

the time in the screenshot was 8:38pm, which suggests that it was screencapped from someone using an american (US) timezone. that narrows down the options a bit.

all this being said I'm 99% sure i know who it is

also the nosleep guy talking about agp is the same guy who wrote this shit

(transmisia, harassment, etc)

don't bother trying to report it, someone reported it ages ago and it's still in a state of being "processed", and they only allow one report per user

@lynnesbian equating a piece of open source software to some random guy who happens to use it is pretty weird tbh

@animeirl did you read the first post where i clarified twice that it's not hyde's shitty post, it's the fact that karen boosted it

@lynnesbian do you understand how open source software works? Anyone can contribute. I guarantee some nazi has merged code into the linux kernel at some point so you better not use that either, then

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