the beyond burger tastes quite good and it could probably fool someone who hadn't had one before into thinking it's meat except that the smell is really off. hopefully they can figure out a solution cause i really want to be able to eat burgers without getting a heart attack

@animeirl I need to try an Impossible Burger that isn’t from White Castle some time, tbh, ideally something with the V2 recipe.

(Annoyingly, in my backwater, unless I drive to Columbus, White Castle is it. The Impossible Sliders I had were… not bad at all, but the V1 recipe uses soy to get umami IIRC, and that was noticeable. Not too too far off, but not there.)


@bhtooefr haven't tried the impossible burger v2 yet. The texture on the original was pretty bad

@animeirl Looks like V2 is all they're shipping now, so anywhere that actually has them in stock should have V2, at least.

Yeah, I forgot about the texture, tbh (and I mean, White Castle, not the best place to judge a burger's quality).
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